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Georgia FirstGen Officially Named a Certified Presidential Volunteer Service Organization

Updated: Feb 24, 2023

In another milestone achievement in our mission to promote success, service, and scholarship for first-generation students, Georgia First Generation Foundation has been officially named a certified Presidential Volunteer Service Organization by AmeriCorps and the Points of Light Foundation.

The President’s Volunteer Service Award was founded in 2003 by the President’s Council on Service and Civic Participation to honor the importance of volunteerism and service in the American experience. Continued under each administration on a bipartisan basis, the program enables select Certifying Organizations to recognize their exceptional volunteers who use their time and talents to serve and benefit the first-generation students of Georgia.

Thanks to this recognition, Georgia First Generation Foundation is now able to bestow special achievement awards signed by the President of the United States to recognize its outstanding volunteer leaders across the country.

Georgia First Generation Foundation is proud to be given the opportunity to present the President’s Volunteer Service Award to their student Ambassadors and Georgia First Generation Foundation Liaisons for their astounding volunteerism – a token of gratitude for the everlasting ripples of impact Georgia First Generation Foundation volunteers have on communities far and wide.

Additional information about the Presidential Volunteer Service Award is available here.

About Georgia First Generation Foundation:

The Georgia First Generation Foundation is a non-profit organization devoted to providing resources for high school students who cannot obtain a college education without these resources. These students must be first-generation students who are passionate about achieving academic success after high school. Unlike other leadership programs, the Georgia First Generation Foundation provides specific strategic plans for any college degree.

Our founders, Charbel and Francisco, initially started Georgia FirstGen as a student organization. They wanted to build a club where they could bring together students just like them. Being the first in their family to graduate high school and attend college, Charbel and Francisco understood the real, yet not impossible, barriers students faced to achieve a college education. That spark of motivation and lack of resources to overcome these barriers made these curious students form a nonprofit pitch centered around their identities -- a nonprofit supporting the growth and success of first-generation students. This business pitch became the birthplace of Georgia FirstGen. Since 2016, growing from a student club to a nonprofit organization, Georgia FirstGen has built trailblazers ready to inspire those to be a part of the movement and create a sense of community for students to feel that they belong.

For further inquiries, contact:

Charbel Aoun, MS

Founder & Executive Director

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