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Overview of Public Schools Week and How to Get Involved

What Is Public Schools Week and How to Get Involved?

Overview of Public Schools Week

Public Schools Week is designated for administrators, teachers, specialists, teacher educators, parents, and school board members to host events for their communities and reach out to lawmakers, businesses, and other community members to discuss the importance of public education. Public Schools Week brings together Learning First Alliance members, educators, parents, business and community leaders, and many others across the country to show the strength and potential of our nation's public schools and our student's futures.

In 2023, Public Schools Week is part of a more extensive campaign—#HerefortheKids. The #HerefortheKids campaign brings together families, educators, and community members to shine a light on local public schools and tell the stories of the amazingly positive things happening nationwide in classrooms and school buildings.

We invite you to get involved in celebrating your local public schools and the educators and school professionals committed to serving our kids!

One great way is by sharing why you love your local public school or your child's teacher on social media and using the hashtag #PSW23.

The research shows communities and parents largely support their local public schools and educators, and they want schools to prepare their children to succeed in a diverse and changing world. Our goal for Public Schools Week is to show the public what is happening in public schools, how we are responding to the pandemic and any ensuing crisis, and the lessons we are learning that will help make K-12 education stronger in the future.


Join us as we hear from national education leaders about how districts, schools, and education professionals have been creating conditions that advance teaching and learning. This live panel webinar will be streamed on LFA and its members' social media channels.

Join school leaders, parents, experts, and more in discussing the best and most promising approaches to strengthen family/school/community engagement.

What do businesses and community leaders need to hear about their local public schools? Learn how teachers, counselors, school board leaders, and administrators expand their engagement with the public. This live panel webinar will be streamed on LFA and its members' social media channels.

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