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Tips for Rising High School Seniors: Remember RANCE!

Tips for Rising High School Seniors: Remember RANCE!

As the last year of high school approaches, rising seniors must remember certain aspects to ensure a successful transition to college. The Georgia First Generation Foundation is here to provide valuable advice with the acronym RANCE, encompassing key focus areas. Let's dive into each element to help students make the most of their senior year.


Initiate senior year by conducting thorough research on various colleges, extracurricular activities, internships, and more. This will open doors to many opportunities to enhance your resume and support your future career goals.


Despite being your final year, remember that colleges often consider your first semester's transcript. Maintain strong academic performance throughout the year, as improvement in grade trends can have a significant impact on college acceptance. Passing AP exams saves time and money and provides a head start in your college journey.


The senior year offers an excellent opportunity to build a strong network with your teachers and counselors. Collaborate closely with your college counselor, who can guide you toward the ideal institution for your aspirations. Teachers, especially those in subjects you are passionate about, can offer valuable advice, suggest internships or extracurricular opportunities, and write compelling recommendation letters.


Stay organized by creating a habit of tracking your progress and deadlines. The college application process can be overwhelming, with numerous essays, forms, and letters. By starting early and maintaining a well-planned calendar, you can avoid missing important deadlines and ensure a smooth application process.


While the college application process may bring challenges, savoring your senior year is essential. Balancing work and enjoyment is crucial to maintaining a healthy mindset. Embrace senior year's unique experiences and find time for activities that bring you joy.

Final Thoughts: Rising high school seniors, remember the acronym RANCE as you embark on your senior year journey. Engage in thorough research, prioritize academic excellence, build strong networks, maintain a well-organized calendar, and most importantly, remember to enjoy this significant milestone in your life. The Georgia First Generation Foundation wishes you a successful and fulfilling senior year as you prepare for an exciting future ahead.
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