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​Making the First Generation
the Next Generation

​Growing a mentorship that ensures that first-generation students become ​the next generation of global leaders and forward-thinkers.

​​Listen to Our Project NextGen Podcast

​From the Georgia First Generation Foundation, Project NextGen is a series that interviews current first-generation college students, graduates, and successful leaders from different areas of work to learn about their upbringings, their mindset, and how they came to become successful first-generation advocates.

FirstGen Updates

​Upcoming Georgia FirstGen Events

​Founded in 2016, our nonprofit provides networking opportunities and programs for first-generation high school and college students. 

About Us

What We Do

One-Stop Resource Center

Georgia FirstGen spearheads first-generation empowerment through mentorship, scholarships, and a platform for students. Our blog and the Project NextGen podcast support Georgia's first-gen community with resources, news, and event updates, focusing on financial literacy and celebrating pioneers. Join us on social media, explore curated content, and be part of our growing community!

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